5 Must-Read Marketing Tips You Need to Know

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5 Must-Read Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Hardcore Advertising 5 Must-Read Marketing Tips You Need to Know
Today’s marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. Hardcore Advertising was created to combat what’s wrong with standard marketing firms and ultimately champions transparency, results, and attribution. Our Hardcore team is confident we can transform your marketing tactics to reach strategic goals. Here’s a taste of what we can do to set your business apart:

1. Track – Just about everything we implement is trackable. By tracking phone calls to your business, we can display exactly what source drove the call, and analytics can track most business goals. The majority of marketing campaigns fail because goals and benchmarks aren’t set before the campaign starts. If you plan effectively ahead of time, you avoid falling into the failure trap of your competitors. Make sure Google Analytics is setup to track the demographics and interests of your visitors. That is invaluable data that you can use to build your messaging among other important uses as you develop an effective marketing strategy.

2. Content – Content is the lifeblood of your messaging and any campaign that you decide to run. Its goal is to develop a voice for your brand and use that to develop messaging that speaks to your customers. Need content ideas after generating your brand voice? Use the blogs of social platform sites like sproutsocial.com, contently.com, or check out medium.com. We personally use an RSS app for Android, Feedly, that pulls in the top stories from favorite sites. With Feedly, you can mark stories as read or save them for later. Remember, even the best content can’t be impactful. The next two tips get your content seen in different ways.

3. Google AdWords – This can either be a major business driver or can function as a black hole that sucks up your marketing budget. The number one mistake we see here is that too many campaigns are being created without enough ad groups. Focus on a main campaign and break out service areas into ad groups. Also, avoid dumping a ton of keywords in your ad group. Try to fit in between 3 and 10 target keywords only.

4. Social Media – This can be a very positive driver for business growth. We see accounts that generate more leads through Facebook than Google AdWords at less than a quarter of the cost in some cases. Part of the secret lies in not layering too many audiences on top, so that you can run effective tests. The ultimate goal here is to narrow in on your most profitable audience. A side benefit to this process is you can use the same audience in other advertising platforms to expand your reach.

5. Expertise – There are countless resources to show you what to focus on, and we understand that it can be overwhelming at times. Find a partner that can take some of that burden off of your shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best – your business! Here are some go-to resources for extra insight – searchengineland.com, socialmediaexaminer.com, marketingland.com, and digiday.com.

For more details on the above tips or info about how Hardcore Advertising can change the way you do business, give us a call today. We guarantee you will walk away with new knowledge that will help your current marketing efforts. If you’d like to read more about our team or our processes, please visit www.hardcoreadv.com.

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