Why YouTube Advertising Should Be on Your Radar

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Why YouTube Advertising Should Be on Your Radar

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As the digital world grows by the minute, content platforms are pushing the play button on advertising opportunities for brands everywhere. More specifically, YouTube has become increasingly valuable to advertisers, with over 1 billion hours of YouTube content viewed per day by over 1/3 of internet users. Think YouTube might be a good fit for your brand? Here are some reasons why you should consider the platform for future campaigns:

More and more people are watching YouTube
With the rise of mobile devices, smart TVs and streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku, there is a clear shift in viewing habits among key spending demographics. YouTube has a consistent viewership of millennials (18 to 35-year-olds), but has recently captured older demographics. According to Media Kix, Generation X and Baby Boomers are YouTube’s fastest growing age groups, with time spent by adults 35+ and 55+ growing 40% and 80% faster than overall growth, respectively.

There’s a variety of ad options
YouTube knows no two consumers are alike. That’s why the platform offers multiple advertising options for brands to properly target potential customers. One of the more common ad options on YouTube is the TrueView In-Stream Ads. These appear before or during a video, and they’re skippable after five seconds of viewing. Seems like a hefty pay per view? Thankfully, advertisers only pay for ad views once someone watches the ad to the end or to the 30-second mark, whichever comes first. The platform also offers popular options like TrueView Discovery Ads, ads generated by search and related content, and Bumper Ads, unskippable 6-second ads appearing at any point during a YouTube video.

Target to reach your perfect audience
With over 1 billion users, it makes sense YouTube would offer specialized targeting tools to advertisers for an effective and strategic campaign. The platform includes a wide variety of targeting, like demographic groups, user interests, placements within websites, remarketing lists, topics and specific keywords. Using a combination of these key targets, you can reach specific or niche audiences based on who they are, what they're interested in, and what content they're viewing.

Let us help you get started
Although the platform offers a variety of valuable advertising functions, crafting the perfect ad cocktail on YouTube can be challenging. Our team at Hardcore Advertising can take you through a step-by-step process to curate key messaging, proper targets and strategic ad placement for an effective YouTube campaign. For more info on what Hardcore Advertising can do for your business, visit our website at www.hardcoreadv.com.

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