Is Your Website Turning Away Qualified Leads?

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Is Your Website Turning Away Qualified Leads?

A company’s website can be a valuable gateway to increased leads, and ultimately, increased revenue. It acts as your very own digital hub where prospective customers can learn what your business is all about. If they are motivated, they’ll take action on your website.

Unfortunately, some websites are not built or maintained to accept qualified leads. A website can have the ability to turn away potential customers if it is not optimized correctly. As a business owner, ask yourself these questions to understand whether or not your website is neglecting lead generation.

Where are your website visitors spending their time?

Learn which parts of your website are receiving the most traffic. External lead generators, like social media, email marketing, display advertising, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, can direct visitors to specific pages. Popular pages include your website’s home page, contact page, or a unique landing page. You can review these insights through the backend of your website or through Google Analytics. You should also be able to see the average time visitors are spending on each page. Visitor activity can help decide which pages should be optimized to capture as many leads as possible.

Does your website feature enough contact form opportunities?

A contact form allows you to garner more of a website visitor’s personal information, like his or her name and email. This initiates a sales opportunity that involves a motivated lead. If a website only lists a phone number or email, there may be potential for an open-ended conversation. Whether they be on individual pages or on chat widgets, ample contact forms will increase the likelihood of continued lead generation.

Are you testing different calls-to-action?

Not every snippet of copy speaks to every reader in the same way. Using A/B testing on certain calls-to-action can help you understand which messaging and placements perform better. Moving a call-to-action button to a different part of the page, changing its title, adding a sales promotion, or even swapping out corresponding images can impact the engagement each page receives.

Hardcore Tip: personalized calls-to-action tend to generate more leads than blanket statements.

Do you follow up with the individuals that fill out your contact forms?

Website visitors can often feel dismissed if they do not receive answers to form fills. Nurture those leads by responding to them promptly with the information they are requesting. Remember, no two leads are the same. Capitalize on each lead’s specific needs and interests to provide them with relevant and helpful feedback.

Don’t miss out on qualified lead opportunities. Optimize your website for success. Hardcore Advertising, a local digital marketing agency, understands websites should be developed through strategic planning, intentional creativity, and careful execution. We’ll work with you to achieve your lead generation goals, ensuring each aspect of your website is engaging and valuable to potential customers. Our years of experience allow us to craft a healthy balance of visual appeal, compelling copy, and interactive content in order to showcase your brand on desktops and mobile devices.

For more information on optimizing your brand’s website contact us at Hardcore Advertising.

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