Why Is Search Engine Optimization an Effective Tool to Grow Your Business?

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Why Is Search Engine Optimization an Effective Tool to Grow Your Business?

Businesses are constantly looking for effective ways to drive potential customers to their website. Once there, potential customers will likely learn about the business, inquire about a certain product or service, or make a purchase. Search engine-related marketing tactics can offer a business many opportunities for growth. One of the most compelling tactics to date is search engine optimization.

How do search engines work?

Search engines, like Google or Bing, are built to crawl… and boy do they crawl quickly. Once a search query is entered by any one user, the search engine will crawl hundreds of billions of website pages using crawlers, bots, or spiders. They scour their index for content relevant to the search query, ultimately presenting the user with qualified website matches within seconds. These ranked searched results are influenced by paid and non-paid factors.

What is search engine optimization?.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, allows your organic content to do all the hard work for you. It is a marketing tactic that is meant to increase website traffic by leveraging organic, or non-paid, search engine results. When search engine optimization is implemented, organic website content will intentionally feature the keywords your target audience is searching for. This content includes copy with relevant keywords, updated title tags, and rich meta descriptions. That way, search engines will recognize specific criteria, index your company’s information, and match your website to a specific user’s search query. The more accurate your website’s search engine optimization, the more likely your website will rank high among competitors.

How can search engine optimization benefit your business?

Paid search advertising may be a popular way to attract your target audience, but most potential customers will see right through any tool that seems inauthentic. Properly executed search engine optimization will yield strong results, especially if these search engine results pages include genuine content that resonates with a user. Authenticity leads to clicks. Clicks lead to purchases. Purchases lead to revenue.

Additionally, businesses can bet search engine optimization will provide these benefits:

Increased website traffic– If your website is ranked somewhere on the first page of a specific search engine result, your website’s traffic is likely to increase. A high ranking as well as relevant titles and descriptions can lead to a greater click-through-rate.

Heightened brand awareness– A higher ranking suggests users will be able to spot your business first before scrolling to other similar results.

Lower cost to maintain– Maintaining a paid search strategy can be costly if paid keywords are not managed properly. Search engine optimization offers a cost-effective alternative to paid advertising by optimizing existing content to drive website traffic.

Hardcore Advertising can implement an organic search engine optimization strategy that involves creating appropriate content, incorporating specific keywords, and identifying key performance indicators to implement the highest return on investment. Our SEO experts will leverage search data, industry knowledge, and competitor research to incorporate keywords that will boost your website’s standing among competitors.

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