The Rise of Visual Storytelling in Digital Marketing

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The Rise of Visual Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Visual storytelling is today’s version of folklore, expressions of culture shared by a particular group of people. It is considered a powerful tool to disseminate information and connect with others in an authentic way. A meaningful visual adds a nonverbal component to a message, ensuring multiple senses will be able to consume it. In fact, digital marketers are integrating visual storytelling into current strategies to help foster deeper connections with target audiences.

Effective visual storytelling in digital marketing communicates a specific narrative, evokes an emotional response, and encourages action. This tactic incorporates some type of visual content, which can include still photos, GIF animations, designed graphics, infographics, or videos. Visual content is the main motivator in this form of storytelling, and copywriting acts as a secondary form of support to drive a message home.

The rise of visual storytelling has influenced the way brands strategize marketing methods across the board. How can your business leverage visual storytelling to capture target audiences?

Understand available channels

Before deciding on a specific message to illustrate, understand the channels of communication available to your business. Will your business be reaching consumers on social media? Which social media platforms make sense for your business to be active on? Can your business disseminate messaging through email marketing campaigns? Can your website act as a bulletin for visual content? Once you have decided how you are going to distribute visual content, then you can craft the stories your business will be sharing with audiences.

Share your brand’s history and future

Consumers value a brand’s unique history, especially if that brand has a personalized origin story or has overcome challenges. They want to feel like they are part of your story. They are likely to identify with brand visuals that showcase depth, achievement, and growth. Still images of the founders, video interviews, or before/after photos can help communicate these messages. If your brand does not have a rich history, your brand should focus on sharing insights into the future. For example, your brand can illustrate relevant goals and aspirations through engaging visual content.

Include educational content that is helpful

Target audiences appreciate imagery that can teach them something useful. Businesses can lend relevant, educational insights by sharing infographics or instructive videos. These pieces of visual content can relay product testimonials or instructions, product development, or other behind-the-scenes happenings. If a consumer feels a strong connection to this content, he or she will be more likely to share with other potential customers.

Visual storytelling has proved to be a compelling marketing tactic for all types of businesses; however, many businesses feel they aren’t equipped to carry out an effective digital marketing campaign alone. That’s where we come in.

Hardcore Advertising, a locally owned and operated digital marketing agency in South Florida, is skilled in crafting instantly recognizable symbols and collateral that reflect the personality and values of the businesses they represent. We excel at creating powerful visual communications that are consistent extensions of the values your business is proud to uphold. Visual storytelling, specifically regarding digital marketing, is our bread and butter.

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