Instagram Growth 101: How to Set Up a Successful Strategy

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Instagram Growth 101: How to Set Up a Successful Strategy

Most brands that have an Instagram account find themselves dissatisfied with their overall growth on the social media platform. Gaining followers and maintaining steady engagement is no easy feat, especially when brands are not equipped with the tools to grow an authentic Instagram presence. Over time, we at Hardcore Advertising have deduced key tips to use within a healthy Instagram growth strategy. The platform’s algorithm changes every day, so it’s important to integrate timely tips that match Instagram’s evolving inner workings to your brand’s social media strategy.

Understand how your content is performing.

It’s no secret that relevant and engaging content keeps followers wanting more; however, many brands get lost while learning which content actually performs best. Instagram Insights allow business pages to see which posts are performing well. The free feature offers a close look into a variety of different analytics measurements like website taps, call button taps, comments, follows, profile visits, and more. Sort through any of the posts you’ve shared over the last two years to understand which posts are worth replicating or adjusting to work within your current content strategy.

Take advantage of the platform’s features.

Instagram is a dynamic social media platform that offers a number of ways to reach people who already follow you and even those who don’t. The platform supports content like still photos, short-form videos, and long-form videos. As a brand, you can post relevant content on your main feed, on your stories, on IGTV, through direct messages, and on the platform’s newest feature Instagram Reels. By using each of these Instagram features, you are letting the platform know you are active. In turn, Instagram’s algorithm will be more likely to serve your content to more relevant users by means of the main feed or the Explore page. Another benefit to strategically utilizing Instagram’s features is the reassurance that more users will have an opportunity to see your content organically. Not every user engages with each feature. That being said, a diverse mix of posts published throughout the platform will maximize the brand’s chance of being seen and remembered.

Focus on quality over quantity.

Some marketing gurus will try to convince brands that they need to post almost every day to maximize potential reach on Instagram. Now, that suggestion can work for a variety of accounts; but it’s not a one-size-fits all solution when it comes to scheduling content over a certain period of time. In our experience, each brand yields a unique type of posting schedule that pertains to that brand’s respective industry, offerings, or messaging. The quality of content a brand puts out is much more impactful than the quantity of posts followers will encounter. To fine tune quality content, be sure to understand your target audience’s needs and wants. Followers are more likely to share content that resonates.

Commit to community management.

A solid content strategy and posting schedule will have little to no lasting effect on target audiences if there is no active community manager on a brand’s platform. Proper community management includes responding to all comments made on all your posts, engaging with posts that your target audience already interacts with, answering direct messages, and following relevant accounts that are aligned with your brand’s values. By instilling consistent community management, your account is letting the Instagram algorithm know that you are active, engaged, and willing to interact with more users on the platform.

Stand out on Instagram by trusting a team of marketing experts to help create, implement, and maintain a successful social media strategy. Hardcore Advertising is experienced in organic and paid social media campaigns that yield authentic growth. For more information regarding top-of-the-line social media marketing tactics, contact the Hardcore Advertising team.

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