Top Performing Email Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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Top Performing Email Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Now more than ever, businesses should be taking advantage of email marketing: the marketing tactic that is customizable, targeted, and engaging. A recent Statista study says email usage is one of the most popular mobile internet activities worldwide. Therefore, your customers are more likely to both open AND interact with your content if it is carefully curated for your target consumer. Since email marketing is here to stay, use these top performing email trends as a guide to optimize your email campaigns moving forward.

Leverage user-generated content

In the marketing world, you might have already heard the phrase, “content is king.” It means the imagery and messaging used to promote a brand or business should be top-notch in order to attract customers. Although the term is a generality, it can be applied to specific email marketing campaigns. The visuals and taglines used at the top of any one email need to be captivating. More specifically, businesses are finding success each time they incorporate user-generated content into an email blast.

User-generated content is any form of content, including photos, videos, or text, created by an end user. This content can originate from social media, can be submitted through Google reviews, or is sent to you directly. User-generated content champions engagement in real-time and channels authentic user experiences. When used to target a prospect, user-generated content both motivates your potential customer to purchase as well as participate in an engaged community. A simple way to integrate user-generated content would be to add customer testimonials to the body of your email. Don’t forget to ask your customers for approval on sharing their testimonials with your target audiences!

Incorporate responsive email design

According to a recent Statista report, “mobile devices generated 51.53% of global website traffic during the first quarter of 2020.” That being said, optimizing your email’s design to ensure responsive interactivity across all devices is crucial to a successful campaign. The Interaction Design Foundation describes responsive design as a technique that, “changes in browser width by adjusting the placement of design elements to fit in the available space.” A responsive email can be opened on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and the content will “dynamically arrange itself.” Your prospect should have no trouble interacting with your email if it is designed to live on a multitude of devices.

Strategize using automation

Did you know you can curate your campaign based on specific actions users take (or don’t take) while interacting with your email? This drip campaign tool, better known as email automation, allows you to streamline messaging across your email campaign by setting up triggers that will send appropriate follow-up emails to recipients. Rather than bombard subscribers with generic content, automation will send specific emails to specific users based on past activity. Email automation saves you time and curates a personalized message for a wide range of prospects. Once your automated campaign is established, be sure to continue communication with fresh content, sales promotions, or timely messaging.

A properly curated email marketing campaign can attract new customers and remind old customers of why they love you. If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around all these trends, we’ve got the tools to ignite your stellar email marketing campaign. Leave it to the experts at Hardcore Advertising to design a thoughtful, responsive, and personalized email marketing strategy that will capture your target customer. For more information regarding email marketing opportunities or a full digital advertising campaign, contact our local, experienced team at Hardcore Advertising.

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