The Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet Your Business Needs

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The Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet Your Business Needs

For many successful businesses, digital marketing is the heart of their outreach to return customers and potential clients. We’re currently living in a digital world, and businesses can’t ignore the sales opportunities that live online. A carefully crafted digital marketing campaign has the power to inspire, engage, and motivate targeted individuals. There are countless strategies within digital marketing that allow for a niche or broad online campaign. These strategies can be tailored to a brand’s campaign goals, reaching the exact prospect that can become a longtime customer. Detailed analytics and data even allow you to track your return on investment (ROI) over time. The possibilities are truly endless.

If your business is not investing in digital marketing, it’s not too late to start your campaign. We know it may seem overwhelming at first. You have a lot on your plate and conquering the digital landscape may not be your forte. Don’t worry, though. There are strategies your business can implement in order to start a streamlined and successful digital marketing journey. In fact, we at Hardcore Advertising have compiled a swift cheat sheet to bring your business up to speed on everything regarding today’s top-performing digital marketing strategies.

Display Advertising

Traditional digital display ads, like banners, leaderboards, and cubes, placed on specific websites can reach customers based on unique activity or interests. This form of digital advertising allows for contextual targeting, a learning-based placement strategy that yields dynamic, yet targeted, clicks. The key is to craft engaging digital creative and leverage strategic placement opportunities to position your business in front of the right audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach prospects when they aren’t spending time on your website. This strategy can reach individuals who have elected to receive your messaging and individuals who have met the criteria of your most profitable customer. Through targeted lists, you can choose the specific demographics, geography, and interests of an audience that will be most likely to convert. When crafting email content, keep these points in mind: consider mobile-friendly layouts, use a content hierarchy when selecting imagery and copy, and offer various opportunities to click a CTA, or call-to-action, button.

Search Engine Marketing

As a customer, your first instinct to look for a product or service online would be to search for it on Google. Right? That’s why it is crucial your website is optimized for the search engine landscape. Your business’ search engine marketing strategy should be sensitive to search engine algorithms, detailed targeting, and organic SEO keyword placement. A paid dynamic can also benefit your campaign. Pay-per-click (PPC) paid search can be a major area of opportunity to capture “bottom of the sales funnel” opportunities. By organizing the complex back-end system, understanding the market, analyzing the competition, and closely monitoring current standings, your business can yield the best results from this digital marketing channel.

Social Media Marketing

Reach a large, engaged digital audience with a balanced organic and paid social media strategy. Authentic, relatable, and engaging content coupled with specific paid social media advertising is integral to achieving brand performance goals. Each social media platform’s algorithm is unique and craves personal attention from its respective account owner. If your business is using the wrong platforms, inconsistently posting, or failing to achieve basic social media management goals, you may be missing out on pivotal lead opportunities.

Even with a cheat sheet in hand, there is no fast track to digital marketing success without guided expertise by your side. Hardcore Advertising can offer the professional knowledge your business needs to allow sales to soar. We are confident our team can transform your digital marketing tactics to reach strategic campaign goals. Do you want to learn more? Contact us at Hardcore Advertising, and we’ll provide a FREE digital marketing audit for your business in no time.

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