Facebook Advertising 101: Are Your Paid Ads Converting?

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Facebook Advertising 101: Are Your Paid Ads Converting?

Facebook Advertising 101: Are Your Paid Ads Converting?

Facebook advertising is a unique marketing tool full of opportunity. Mastering the art of Facebook advertising may seem easy, but your business must strike a delicate balance between thoughtful strategy and careful execution to complete a successful campaign.

Facebook ad campaigns are created through Facebook Ads Manager. This platform allows the user to organize and build an ad or ad set from the ground up. Properly structuring these campaigns can help your brand better measure results, test different audiences, and identify which creative combination performs best. That being said, businesses can pour hundreds or thousands of dollars into Facebook ads without securing a profitable conversion rate. What exactly can your business do to be sure your paid ads are converting?

Know your placement

Depending on what your business wants to achieve, your ads can run on any of these three placement options: desktop news feed, desktop right column, or mobile news feed. A desktop news feed ad is typically the preferred placement option for businesses because it resembles an organic post. This feature allows for a large image and plenty of space for a compelling headline and link description. The desktop news feed option is traditionally the highest converting form of ad placement. The desktop right column placement option is not as popular as the desktop news feed placement; however, it can appeal to Facebook users who are already familiar with your business at an affordable price point. Finally, Facebook ads placed on mobile news feeds can drive brand awareness in order to build a strong audience.

Know your target audience

Proper targeting can really give your business a leg up on any Facebook ad campaign. In some cases, ad targeting can be the most important component of a campaign. Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can define your target audience by location, behavior, age, gender, education, interests, and connections. You can verify whether or not your target audience will yield a high conversion rate by using Facebook Relevance Scores. According to Facebook, a relevance score is “calculated based on the positive and negative feedback we expect an ad to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions we expect an ad to receive, the higher the ad’s relevance score will be.” Understanding relevance scores can decrease costs, optimize ad testing, and perfect Facebook ad campaigns.

Know your content

Compelling ad content can capture potential customers on Facebook. Users on the platform often consume thousands of images each day. That’s why businesses advertising on Facebook use a strategic combination of imagery and copy to catch a user’s attention. To increase the likelihood of clicks based on content, use graphics that tell a story, include an enticing title, and tease readers with an inviting description. All in all, potential customers will respond best to content that is authentic to your business.

Many different factors make up a stellar Facebook ad campaign that converts leads to customers. If paid advertising is not your forte, allow the experts at Hardcore Advertising to generate the results you’re looking for. Each Facebook ad has its place, and we’ve got the tools to help your business unlock a successful campaign. For more information on Facebook advertising and other digital marketing tools, contact our team at Hardcore Advertising.

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