Brand Awareness 101: How to Impact an Audience’s Awareness of You

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Brand Awareness 101: How to Impact an Audience’s Awareness of You

Brand awareness is a potential or current consumer’s ability to recognize your brand. All they have to do is see your brand logo, name, or colors to know what your brand stands for. It’s that simple. They will also be in tune with the exact type of product or service you provide. Building brand awareness can take years or maybe even a lifetime; however, there are proactive steps a brand can initiate to propel it towards becoming a household name.

Champion a consistent brand identity

Consistent brand identity is vital to increase brand awareness. Your audience will best retain information about you if you remain part of their daily routines in a steady, dependable way. For example, if a brand uses its brand elements, like logo, typeface, colors, mascots, etc., on a specific channel or platform, those same elements should be used across all other mediums. There should be no room for consumer confusion when it comes to brand identity.

Generate earned media

Earned media is any form of content or promotion that your brand has not paid to create. An organic mention on social media or a positive Google review are two examples of the earned media your brand should strive to generate. In some cases, earned media is considered to be more credible among audiences than traditional advertising; therefore, it can be a powerful tool to increase overall brand awareness online and beyond.

Start a blog

Creating high-quality content, including photos and copy, is an effective way to impact a target audience's awareness of your brand. More specifically, blog content can increase a brand’s visibility on search engine result pages. How does search engine optimization (SEO) work? By incorporating keywords and quality links into your blog and/or website, Google will be more likely rank your brand’s site higher among competitors. The more likely your consumer is to see your brand, the more likely they will remember it.

Incorporate paid advertising

Beyond organic content and media, a brand should consider incorporating paid advertising into their strategy. By using Google Ads, paid social media ads, or sponsored content, your brand will reach potential consumers like never before. That being said, reaching new consumers will not only increase brand awareness, but it will give your brand the opportunity to remain present among a targeted audience.

Use your logo everywhere

Using your brand’s official logo often can be a practical way to advertise your business. Some strategic places to incorporate your logo can include your email signature, your website, your social media accounts, promotional swag, and of course, your office space.

Impact a target audience’s awareness of your brand by introducing a strong brand awareness strategy to your advertising campaign. Don’t want to do it alone? We’ve got your back. At Hardcore Advertising, we specialize in aiding local and national brands to improve overall brand awareness, create an effective digital presence, and generate qualified leads. To learn more regarding how we can help increase brand awareness, contact Hardcore Advertising.

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